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JoomlaDayAbuja2023 Partnership: Iwe Isu is a project under Daydah Concepts Limited and is having a growth peak with a Joomla World Conference 2023 as the first Conference ever organized by the company with an expected guest of 1000 and Daydah is expected to have in its kitty, partner projects to help joomlers enjoy growth and development available.

It's focus is to create an environment where Joomla's technology is analysed, problems are shared, analysed and solved through papers, PowerPoints, celebrating honorees and VIPs with Daydah Concepts Limited.

Venue:  Abuja International Conference Centre (Central Business District, Abuja)

Date:  3 - 7 April, 2024  15 -18 August, 2024

Thursday 27.03.24   3.04.24

JWC2023: HPC Conference2022 (African Hall)


Welcome Address

Opening Speech

Friday 28.03.24   4.04.24

JWC2023: Joomla and other CMSes

(African Hall)

Saturday 29.03.24   5.04.24 Liberty Chapel Convention 2024 (African Hall)
Sunday.  30.03.24   6.04.24 Meetings (Benue Hall)
Monday 31.03.24.  7.04.24 Departure



Time:                    8:00am - 5:00pm

Theme:                 Joomla World Conference 2023 (featuring mini-edition HPC Conference 2022)

It promises to be fun. Be there! Be a Project Sponsor and Project Partner! Free Booth available.

The event, JoomlaDayAbuja is being held in partnership with Joomla World Conference 2023 in the citys' capital, Abuja, Nigeria and is expected to be attended by Joomla Enthusiasts, cities where Joomla exists (Lagos, Ado-Ekiti, Kaduna etc.) for the local counterpart and it would pay homage to foreign Joomla teams, new Joomla users and techies who are interested in learning about Joomla as a Content Management System (CMS).

Growth expected with Joomla World Conference 2023

  • Growth with product launching Cmsafricasummit 2021 (5 year plan) (free ticket  may be available (coupon - 77)) 
  • Growth with your sponsorship and partnership: max. NGN50,000.00 and minimum pay of N2,000 for sponsorship featured
  • Details about JoomlaDayAdoEkiti2024

The Joomla World Conference 2023 ( a 4-day event) with planned arrival date grown by our JoomlaDays after Daydahs successful outing in 2023: JoomlaDayAbuja2023: Iwe Isu will be featuring computing at its best (HPC Conference 2022), a joomla world conference, a Joomla world encircled by other CMSes and a convention referencing basics in the conference from a religious perspective.

Day 2 will be featuring a Joomla World Conference 2023 and launching of a product; Cmsafricasummit 2021(5 year plan)

Day 3. The Joomla World Conference is coming in with a public and private sector driven growth to improving the country's reach with the technology and latch on to the drive by the arms of Govenment to improve her infrastructural base.

The conference will feature papers and presentations from Joomla, Educational instituions, Federal Government Agencies, NGOs, multinationals, Joomla Users/communities with problems and solutions faced at Joomla organized events reviewed. It is a structured based conference that will enable guided pattern to topics being presented.  Presentations are expected to feature basics in Joomla as related to HPC Conference 2022 experiences with CMS working relationship, processes, products, Joomla Installations with Joomla 4.0 & Joomla 5.0 (the edge), legal issues, where we are in Nigeria, an effecient system and growth with related topics from HPC Conference i.e. Dimensions etc, experiences with Joomla, problems encountered and solutions administered. Venue: International Conference Centre, Abuja. 

Project Sponsors:

Project Partners:

Transcorp Hilton

AES Hotel

Lower Chamber, National Assembly

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